Version 3.5

Version 3.5 is now available from our repositories.

Discontinued support for Android 2.X

Support for Android 2.X is discontinued from release 3.5 of Encap.

Hybrid App is End of Life

From release 3.5 the Hybrid app is End of Life.

Encap 3.0 and 3.1 is End of Life

From release 3.5 no older versions then 3.2 will work with the server.
Release of Encap 3.5 will only support upgrades from Encap 3.2 and higher.

New Service Provider REST API
The Encap server now provides a REST API in addition to the existing WS API for enrolling, authenticating and managing devices. This API also add the following new features

  • Read device details
  • Read enrolment and authentication session details even after session has expired
  • Read operation history for a device

Support for Apple faceID as new authentication method
Encap now supports Apple’s faceID as one of the factors in Encap’s smarter authentication platform.

ApplicationID in the audit log
With this version of Encap the ApplicationID is included in the audit log so different apps can be filtered apart.

Improved version handling
With 3.5 we have made some improvements to the version handling and version blocking, with 3.5 we introduce the functionality to block specific versions of the clients and not only ranges.

DB upgrade improvements
Various DB upgrade improvements including better error handling, better logging and feedback, better resume support and generally faster upgrades.

New version of end-to-end encryption protocol with security improvements
Now using ECIES with AES in CBC mode and SHA256 digest.