Version 3.3

Version 3.3 is now available from our repositories.

Encap release 2.9 is end of life

Version 2.9 of Encap has reached end of life and no patches and updates will be provide to 2.9 of both server and clients.

Support for iOS 7 is discontinued

Client API and apps no longer support iOS 7.

Support for activation of both PIN and fingerprint on same registration
Encap has for a long time supported multiple 2FA methods (Device+PIN, Device+TouchID, Device+Android-fingerprints and so on). Previous versions of Encap only supports activating one 2FA method for each registration. With release 3.3 Encap now supports activation of multiple 2FA methods. For example one registration can have both Device+PIN and Device+TouchID activated allowing the user to use both PIN and TouchID for authentication on the same device. In order for the user to activate a second 2FA method Device+PIN has to be used for the first activation, it is then possible to do an additional activation of for example Device+TouchID.

Service providers can query the Encap server to check which methods that is activated on a specific device through the new DeviceInfo WS. The Service provider can explicitly set which 2FA method to be used for an authentication. If not explicitly set by the Service provider, the device can choose which 2FA method to use for authentication.

Deactivation from client
Deactivation from the client APIs and clean up on the server of the registration.

Change of PIN code on client
The client APIs now have the functionality to change a PIN code.