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Basic authentication methods are not good enough to protect sensitive customer information. Thanks to PSD2, many businesses must now adopt two-factor authentication to protect their customers from threats and fraud.

The Encap SCA platform offers far more than just regulatory-compliant strong customer authentication. Where other solutions create a barrier of friction between businesses and their customers, Encap SCA builds customer engagement and trust through a superior user experience.

High security without compromising user experience



Encap security strategy is to continuously improve the product by adding new layers of security as the mobile and threat landscape evolves. This we have been building over multiple product generations. The product is trusted by leading banks and has been so for over 10 years. It has won numerous industry awards.

Digital trust

User experience

High security often results in a cumbersome user experience that consumes time and causes friction for users. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With Encap SCA you can authenticate high risk transactions in under three seconds using biometrics without compromising security.

Enables businesses to move towards mobile-first

Mobile in hands

Mobile first/only business

Encap SCA allows companies to seamlessly integrate authentication into all of their customer use-cases within one app. There is no need for context switching. Even authorisation can be solved in-app ensuring that users remain focused on your service and brand.

Mobile first

Multi/omni channel

While markets are moving towards mobile businesses, the need to access services across multiple channels is not going away. With Encap SCA companies can use their mobile app to authenticate across all customer service channels whether in-app, web, call center or face to face.

Multi-factor and risk-based authentication

Application layer encryption

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