Smarter Authentication Platform

The Smarter Authentication Platform is a highly customizable, adaptive and risk-based platform that meets the needs of highly-scalable connected digital services.

Platform Capabilities

Convenience & Usability

With multiple devices per user and multiple users per device, the platform meets the needs of today’s multiple device users and the trend of sharing devices.


The authentication protocol is part of Encap’s security concept, built around three security pillars; Defend, Detect and React.


Scales to millions of users rather than thousands. The platform can scale to all devices and is not hardware dependent.

Omni channel support

Supports omni channel authentication including online, mobile, IVR, in-branch and telephone call-centers.

Risk & Policy Based

Match business and risk rules through an interface into an organizations existing risk management solution.

Context & Process Driven

Context engine and risk-based authentication allows organizations to apply appropriate levels of authentication to services. This offers strong protection against attacks.

Support for Multiple Factors

Vary and combine authentication factors based on the risk involved for specific activity for specific user at specific time. The platform supports Apple Touch ID and Samsung fingerprint biometric authentication systems.

Simple integration

Solution is designed to add authentication to your infrastructure, not add authentication infrastructure. Simply ‘drop-in’ the Smarter Authentication Platform and quickly get users provisioned and connected to existing services.

Easy to Provision

Allows users to enroll themselves in the system and choose authentication method based on selection provided, and provides a self-service interface for identity management functions.

Functional Overview

Technical Overview

  • Device authentication
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Mobile biometrics
  • Step-up / step-down
  • Feature-phone support
  • Mobile soft token
  • Offline support
  • Mobile OoB authentication
  • E- signatures (PKI)
  • Transaction verification
  • Context engine
  • Accurate Geo-location
  • Fully Omni channel
  • Highly scalable and extensible
  • High availability
  • Flexible integration options
  • Client side: App, Hybrid and SDK
  • Device agnostic
  • Audit and reporting
  • Online developer toolkit
  • Multiple devices per user
  • Multiple users per device
  • Multiple authentication methods per device
  • Multi-brand / multi-bank / multi-tenant
  • Supports user self-service

Did you know?

Encap completely removes the need for external hardware and SMS

Business Benefits

Increased take-up and adoption

Increased take-up and adoption of banking services in most efficient banking channels.

Anti-malware and Security Service

The anti-malware and device security service allows for full eCommerce and banking services to be delivered to smart mobile devices.

Cost benefits

Smarter Authentication Platform would be 97.5 percent cheaper than a hardware-based OTP solution and 25 percent cheaper than a mobile-based soft token solution.

Internet Scale

Designed for internet rather than enterprise scale – can support millions of users.

Built for the Future

Not locked in to a single authentication factor – constantly adapts and built for the future. Encap has already added support for TouchID and Samsung biometrics and others can be added as desired, needed, or as they reach maturity.


Easy to customize and integrate with existing infrastructure including Identity and Access Management services (IAM).

Omni channel Support

Supports an omni channel user experience – one device can become the authenticator for a range of digital channels.

Lower cost and higher security

Lower cost and higher security vs. other strong authentication platforms – includes no hardware costs as harnesses built-in smart mobile device capabilities.


Ability to provide PKI-based eSignatures, this allows for electronic document signature and workflow optimization.