Encap Security featured in Forrester Research authentication report

Oslo & Palo Alto, 11th April 2014 – Mobile authentication specialist Encap Security has been featured by Forrester Research in its report on authentication titled Forrester Market Overview: Employee and Consumer Authentication Solutions. The report is most comprehensive analysis of the authentication market and leading vendors to date.

Forrester Research says: “It’s a critical time in user authentication — and a confusing one. Passwords and traditional out-of-wallet questions are go-to security measures, but are weakening by the day. At the same time, newfangled third-generation strong authentication solutions are swamping first- and second- generation solutions on the market.”

The report is split into two parts. The first looks at the seven important trends in authentication, focusing on a new wave of “third-generation” authentication solutions that are disrupting the market. The second part examines a range of authentication solutions in depth – assessing their suitability for different populations, authentication stages, and user interaction channels. The report is written by Principal Analysts Eve Maler and Andras Cser.

“It’s important to be recognised as a key player in the authentication market from leading industry bodies such as Forrester,” said Thomas Bostrøm Jørgensen, CEO, Encap Security. “Forrester believes this market is growing and highly innovative, and we couldn’t agree more. This research is an important guide for companies on what they need to do now and in the future to secure their users and themselves. Anyone interested in the state of the authentication market, and where it is headed, should read this report.”

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About Encap Security
Encap Security is the only dedicated software-based banking-grade authentication platform provider. It offers simple multi-factor authentication and digital signing for the banking and enterprise sectors. Encap turns any personal device into a security credential removing the need for cumbersome and costly SMS codes and hardware such as tokens and SIM-cards. Encap Security makes the step from username and password to convenient multi-factor security hassle-free.

Encap Security makes authentication simple for users, and enables innovation, reduces risk and drives service adoption for organisations.

Based in Oslo, Norway, and Palo Alto, USA, Encap Security’s world class management team has an unrivalled pedigree in mobile banking, finance, enterprise and remote access security. The patented Encap Security Smarter Authentication solution is used by major banking institutions, enterprises and technology integrators.


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