Growth and success in mobile business

Businesses are facing increased competition from mobile-first digital challengers. They need to move their business online and mobile to remain competitive.

A key aspect of this shift is how businesses think about authentication. Too many see it as merely a lock and key— friction that stands between the consumer and access to services.

The strength of that lock is important, but it is not everything. Authentication, done right, can enable an end-to-end digital customer journey, becoming a business advantage and a business enabler.


Encap can increase customer engagement

Mobile authentication is the linchpin of digital customer engagement and business. It is how customers enter the company’s services and conduct their business. Authentication can be a strategic capability, embedded in the company app, rolled out across an entire customer base and the channel to all digital transactions. It creates engagement between customers and the company. Both can trust that their business transaction is genuine and secure.

The Encap solution has been shown to increase customer engagement five-fold compared to other less convenient and secure solutions.

Encap can increase trust

Authentication should strive to be frictionless with as little user interaction as necessary. Customer trust is build on multiple factors like visibility of the transaction, turn-around time, user experience and security.

With Encap solution you can meet these contradictory customer needs. High-security transactions can be low friction and secure at the same time. With great user experience customers engage more often, bring more business and builds trust for your services.

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Encap as a differentiator

As mobile devices have become the bank branch, the front office, and the shop floor, the need to differentiate becomes more and more acute. Loyalty can no longer be relied upon — your competitors are just a few clicks away.

How customers access your services becomes more and more important, and authentication is a vital part of the user experience. A great user interface coupled with poor authentication is a bad user experience.

Encap enables businesses to offer an end-to-end in-app experience — from information to selection to purchase and payment. This is a key differentiator in digital commerce.

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