Encap Security

Following its acquisition in 2016, Encap Security is now a subsidiary of AllClear ID, the world leader in customer security, providing data breach advisory and response services to businesses that aim to protect their greatest asset: customers.

This combined expertise, helps European businesses, particularly in the financial institutions, successfully manage data breaches and comply with EU regulations. Regulations include GDPR which requires fast as 72-hour customer notification response to a data breach, as well as PSD2 which has mandated strong multifactor authentication for transactions.

Our Mission

To end the “one-size-fits-no-one” approach to authentication. Encap wants to enable banks to offer the authentication method most suited to the user, their device, and the transaction taking place.

Encap Security is the leading supplier of device-based strong authentication and e-signature solutions for the financial services industry. Its Smarter Authentication Platform is seamlessly integrated into customer’s infrastructure and delivers uncompromising security and user experience across all applications, channels and devices – at Internet scale.

Key Principles

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User Experience

Increase adoption of new products and services

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Deliver right authentication for the right action at the right time

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Unmatched extensibility and scalability to build sustainable differentiation

Our Vision

A future where authentication enables rather than disables financial services innovation