Encap is the leader in high-security app-based mobile authentication solutions.

Our Encap Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) product allows customer authentication with leading user convenience, security and service configurability. Combined with our partners’ digital identity solutions, Encap SCA powers world-leading multi-use mobile apps for digital and mobile commerce.

The idea behind Encap Security was created in 2008, when a group of experts brought together by Norwegian banks developed and patented a ground-breaking software-based mobile ID solution. This was spun out as an independent company.

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With smartphones not yet popular, the idea was well ahead of its time, but over time Encap’s solution proved to be far more user friendly and cost effective, while satisfying the demanding security needs of financial institutions.

Encap has won multiple industry awards and is used by many clients in the financial and healthcare industry to service over 3 million end users, generating close to a billion transactions per year.

Early methods for high-security authentication, keyfobs and “code calculators”, created serious friction, are hated by users and costly for businesses. This and the rise of mobile commerce drove a need for businesses to onboard and authenticate customers remotely using their own mobile phones.

In 2016, Encap was acquired by AllClear ID, the US leader in data breach response, after it evaluated over 200 authentication and identity companies to be the center piece of their identity platform. AllClear ID has now shifted its focus to authentication in the US, an underserved market.

Encap Security continues to focus on providing superior authentication experiences across Europe.

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